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Shakil Regmi


Shakil Regmi

Raum Room H4. 3.30
Martin Luther University Halle - Wittenberg
Von-Seckendorff-Platz 4
06120 Halle

Telefon: Mobile Number: +49 152 1184 9077

PhD of Education Sciences in Geography focusing on Environmental Science and Environmental Psychology from Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, July 2020.

I am interested in environmental observation with specific attention to natural systems and geography. The bridge between natural science and humanity is crucial as science and humanity influence each other. I derive my motivation to bring knowledge of natural science to humanity and explore humanity’s response to natural effects.

Specifically, my research focuses are hydrometeorological processes and analytics, earth observation, environmental monitoring through field measurements, environmental psychology with a focus on environmental attitudes and values, and statistical analysis.

I teach subjects centred around my research interest, such as applications of geographical systems, pollution management, environmental science and sampling, and research and data management. I use tools such as GIS and Matlab, environmental laboratory for biochemical works, and various air, water and soil sampling tools. I am involved in various thesis supervision and research projects in Germany, Finland, Nepal and India.

Brief Education Background

  • M. Ed. (Environmental Education and Sustainable Development), Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED), Nepal, 2015.
  • B. E. (Environmental Engineering), Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland, 2013.

Professional skills and work experiences

Consultant Environmental Engineer: Nepal Environmental and Scientific Services, Nepal to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Research on physical, biological, chemical, cultural and socio-economic environment of built infrastructure and development projects, 2013 – 2015.

Environmental Specialist: Department of Plant Resources, Natural Product Research Laboratory, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Nepal. The theme of the project was preparing and approving Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of herbal oils produced by private companies of Nepal which are to be exported to foreign countries. 2013 – 2014.

Assistant Researcher: Leasehold forestry and livestock programme (LFLP), ECARDS - Nepal and Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Nepal. The title of the project was “Environmental assessment of LFLP for Environmental Protection and Awareness” in the Dhading and Kavrepalanchowk district of Nepal. 2011.


MEd Thesis (2015): Analysing and Identifying the Targets of Sustainable Development for Nepal Based on Rio +20, Kathmandu University School of Education, Nepal.

BE Thesis (2013): Wastewater Treatment in Kathmandu: Management, Treatment and Alternative, Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

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